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  • You are my prisoner, the assassin said coldly, and for an instant, Catti-brie did not understand, thought that Entreri had double-crossed her.
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  • Oily smoke was billowing into the air-already dying down as white spray from a fire copter played over the wrecked building.
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    For it conceals also the painful reflection that in his striving after friendship he has often had the misfortune to be thrown out, and the fear lest this fate may be repeated in the case of the young man by whose side he has enjoyed the performance of Fidelio.
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  • There was nowhere near enough armor to go around; New Gadrinsett had strained to supply even what small weaponry and gear they had, and if Hotvig's Thrithings-men had not brought their own leather chestplates and headware, less than a quarter of the defenders would have been armored.
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    Bruenor slapped a hand out to hold the eager battle-rager at bay.
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  • Gerin let both of them stew for a moment, then started to laugh.
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  • You understand why I came rather than the local police, Mr.
  • Despite everything you say, you won't let me get close.
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